Pasadena Showcase House of Design preview


This year will feature a Monterey Colonial-style home in Arcadia. Its famous architect, Roland Coates, had a Hollywood pedigree, designing houses for David O. Selznick, Frank Capra and Barbara Stanwyck.

The home in Arcadia was built in 1941 for the Barker furniture family, who sometimes used its 15 rooms and original four acres to host charity events for 500. It was transformed by more than two dozen designers over six months for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design.

In the elegant living room, not everything was a do-over. The hand-painted old wallpaper stayed.

Showcase kitchens always feature the latest in appliances and materials to inspire any cook.

In the master bedroom, everything is controlled by a tablet computer. Finishing touches include a master bath with heated floors and a TV built into the mirror.

Outside, there's a pool adjacent to what's called a pool house - a cabana with its own kitchen and much more.

The showcase house includes a restaurant and shops. Proceeds from the month-long event benefit music programs. More than $18 million have been raised over the years.

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