LA mayor race: Wendy Greuel takes 3-point lead in latest Survey USA poll


An exclusive Eyewitness News poll conducted by Survey USA shows Greuel with a three-point lead. That is a sharp swing from two weeks ago when the poll showed her opponent Councilman Eric Garcetti had a nine-point lead.

"I've seen polls that have us very, very close, so I think this is now consistent with what we're going to see going in the future, and why I'm talking to people about walking precincts, getting out there, spreading the word," she said.

The poll was taken this past Monday through Wednesday during a week when Greuel had the only campaign ads running on TV, including one showing endorsements from Sen. Barbara Boxer, former Mayor Richard Riordan and Magic Johnson.

"I'm going all over the city every single day talking to people. I think they are starting to focus," Greuel said.

There was also an attack an attack ad against Garcetti.

"Certainly the impact of attack ads after attack ads, that's what Ms. Greuel has been very clear that her campaign is going to be all about -- personal attacks. And we've been keeping the substance but we're up on the air now too," Garcetti said.

Garcetti's TV ads just started airing Wednesday. The big shift in the poll has the Garcetti campaign questioning the poll's numbers.

"I don't think you can focus too much on numbers," he said. "This was the same poll that had me three points behind and then I came out on top by four points the day before the election."

Separately the Garcetti campaign complained about another attack ad against him. They say it does not contain Greuel's image or voice at the end, which violates elections regulations.

"I think it's clear that Ms. Greuel broke the rules, she had an unfair advantage because of it, she has to play by the rules that everybody else does," he said.

KABC did remove the Greuel ad attacking Garcetti because of a technical violation. The Greuel campaign told Eyewitness News it was inadvertent error, and it was accidentally sent to a few TV stations. The Greuel campaign also said they have now sent an updated version.

The candidates are scheduled to debate on ABC7 on May 10.

The runoff election takes place on May 21.

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