Valley Village hit-and-run: LAPD releases footage of driver


Granados was on his bicycle when he was struck and killed March 24. The driver, who police say had sped through an intersection, kept going.

The video was taken from a nearby surveillance camera. Police are looking for the white or silver Mercedes M Class SUV and its male driver, who appears to be in his 50s. The vehicle probably has damage to the passenger side.

Police are asking the City Council to approve a $50,000 reward for information leading to the suspect.

"We know that there were pedestrians on Sunday afternoon, March the 24th. Maybe this will refresh their memory and they will be able to contact us with the information that we need," said LAPD Det. Bill Bustos.

Meantime, Granados' family and friends remember him as a helpful, happy teenager, who was killed just days after his eighteenth birthday.

"People, when they hit a dog, they stop and help the dog, and this is a human being for God's sake. He just ran over him and left like nothing happened," said the victim's father, Jose Granados.

The family is urging anyone with information to help solve the case and bring the family closure.

"There is forgiveness, so just please come out forward," said the victim's sister, Lorena Granados.

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