Los Angeles mayoral race: Allegation of misconduct


The Los Cerritos Community News reported that Wendy Greuel used her official city email account for campaign purposes. Her opponent, Eric Garcetti, points to one specific email in which Greuel sent a copy of an audit report to her campaign officials before she sent it to the mayor and City Council.

"Ms. Greuel's campaign managers should not have a sneak peek at documents. These are public documents and public funds should not be used for campaigning," Garcetti said.

Greuel said she has several email accounts and that it was an inadvertent mistake.

"This was an FYI that I've sent to people. It was a document that was released that morning," Greuel said. "This is forwarding things that came to me."

Garcetti on Monday visited a job training center in Hollywood. Bringing jobs to Los Angeles has been a cornerstone of his campaign.

"That's my record here, No. 1 in job growth … bringing people together in centers like this," Garcetti said.

Greuel visited a fire station in Venice. The Los Angeles Fire Department has admitted it was not getting to many calls in the desired time frame. Greuel blames it on cuts by the City Council.

"These cuts can be a matter of life and death," she said. "Unfortunately, the chief's solution to shift firefighters off of fire trucks is a band-aid solution that doesn't solve the fundamental problem."

Fire officials say the proposed changes will not put the public in danger.

"We'll continue to provide that optimum service to the citizens of Los Angeles and all of the communities of Los Angeles," said Capt. Armando Hogan. "This plan is not unsafe."

The two candidates will take part in another debate Monday night at the Sinai Temple in West Los Angeles.

The mayoral runoff between Greuel and Garcetti is slated for May 21.

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