Cool Kid Jennifer Avalos trains guide dogs for blind

COVINA, Calif.

"I just decided that I wanted to help out the community and I really wanted to make an impact by training dogs," she said.

It's obvious Jennifer really loves the dogs, but she's also aware of how important her work is with them.

"Having the dogs guiding someone who can't see is just an amazing thing to watch, and for me to be a part of helping with that it was just an opportunity that I just couldn't miss," she said.

In addition to that, Jennifer also goes to schools to get the next generation of kids interested in doing the same job.

"I took my other dog, Ballet, with me, and it was really fun to teach the kids about the dogs, because they were all really eager to learn what I do with them," she said.

Of course, her work with the dogs doesn't last forever. At some point the puppies move on to the next learning level.

"It's lonely, but you just have to think, they're going to go, and they're going to get trained, and they're going to be a really great dog for someone who really needs them," she said.

Jennifer does a great job of training those young dogs, and as hard as it is to have them leave her, she knows it's all to help make life better for someone else.

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