'Iron Man 3' stars enjoyed doing some of their own stunts


Don Cheadle, who plays Col. James Rhodes, said there was very little that he was not willing to do.

"I wanted to be a stuntman before I wanted to be an actor, which is kind of foolish, but I did. So no, it was more of them telling me, 'Just let the guy do this one.' I was hungry to do all of it," said Cheadle.

Robert Downey Jr. says he's gotten used to the action scenes after all these years.

"I found all these years later that it's easier just to do the jerks yourself than have some poor guy or gal, you know, pulling on a rope for two hours, it's just like, 'Give them a break, I know what to do here,'" said Downey Jr.

Cheadle said he wouldn't do something if he thought he'd get seriously injured doing it.

"But you feel very safe. I felt very safe with the team. They were experts and were really specific and clear about what they were doing and they made me feel comfortable," said Cheadle.

Safety is the most important thing, but the cast still got bruised and battered in the name of showbiz.

"There were some accidents. Some people went down. Robert Downey Jr. went down hard. I think I was OK though. I feel like I got cut and had the medic a couple times but nothing severe," said Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts. "You do kind of get a little banged up, you know, rolling around. Even though broken glass on a movie set is fake glass, it's still like broken something with sharp edges so, yeah, we got a little banged up, but it was fun."

"Iron Man 3" is rated PG-13.

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