Model murder trial: Jury selection begins


Prosecutors say Kelly Soo Park strangled and beat model Juliana Redding to death inside her Santa Monica apartment in 2008.

Park was allegedly a debt collector and enforcer of sorts for Dr. Munir Uwaydah in Marina Del Rey. He allegedly hired Park to kill Redding after Redding's father pulled out of a business deal with him.

Prosecutors say Uwaydah referred to park as a "female James Bond." According to court documents, Park used threats, intimidation, and bullying. Uwaydah has never been charged in the case.

Redding, 21, moved from Arizona to Hollywood with dreams of stardom. She landed a spread in Maxim magazine, and a small role in an independent movie.

Investigators say DNA evidence linked Park to the crime, and prosecutors allege Park received a $250,000 payment from Uwaydah weeks before Redding was killed.

Defense lawyers say John Gilmore, Redding's boyfriend, is the real killer, though investigators cleared him as a suspect.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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