Entire neighborhood in Northern California sinking into the ground for unknown reason


An entire neighborhood of homes in Lakeport is literally being swallowed by the Earth. No one knows exactly what's causing the huge cracks in the ground, but a dormant volcano could be the cause.

This all began in March when a homeowner noticed cracks snaking across walls. Those cracks turned into fractures, and within weeks, several homes were beginning to sink.

As of Monday morning, 30 homes were threatened; eight have already been abandoned and 10 are under notice of imminent evacuation.

"Anybody would be afraid of here. It's only because of the unknown. You don't know what's going to happen. I'm told I'm safe, I assume I'm safe, but does anybody really know yet?" said resident Alberta Diaz.

Officials have suspended mail delivery to keep carriers out of danger. They've also redirected sewage because manholes collapsed.

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