Garden Grove shuts medical marijuana dispensaries; reaction mixed


The city has the largest concentration of pot shops in Orange County.

"This medical marijuana stuff in this particular city has gotten out of hand. There's over 70 of these medical marijuana facilities and this stuff has been easier to get than my cardiac medication," said dispensary opponent Doug Beard.

At Katella Discounts Medical Dispensary, there was a sudden surge in sales as the pot shop prepared to close its doors.

"Honestly, I'd rather see my dad smoking medical marijuana over a drug that can cause so many more things," said dispensary supporter Bethany Heaslt.

The day after the state Supreme Court ruled cities can ban marijuana dispensaries, Garden Grove sent out letters telling the shops they had until Tuesday to close or face $1,000 per day fines and criminal charges.

"I would like to know if anytime in the near future that we can discuss...licensing, and do what we have to do to weed out the bad ones," Robert White of Katella Discounts said at Tuesday's meeting.

Several dispensary owners said they are hopeful that the city will come up with a way to regulate the dispensaries and allow them to reopen.

"When the federal government takes a look at it and decides what they're going to do with it, then we'll all get that answer. But right now, it's against the law for the city of Garden Grove to even consider legalizing it," said Garden Grove Mayor Bruce Broadwater.

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