Mayoral candidates cry foul over political ads


"This particular ad, I think, is unbelievably disgusting in what they're trying to do and pit our city against one another," said Wendy Greuel.

The ad Wendy Greuel is talking about, which is running on Spanish language television, tries to link former Republican Governor Pete Wilson to Wendy Greuel and states that she was a Republican for years before she switched to the Democratic Party.

"This particular ad is disgusting, is one that suggests that I supported Prop. 187," said Greuel.

Greuel held a news conference in Boyle Heights Wednesday and brought supporters who say this is an insult to the Latino community.

"I don't see how this commercial could try to mislead and mischaracterize and assassinate her character," said L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar, a Greuel supporter.

The ad is by a group not affiliated with the Eric Garcetti campaign. In a statement Garcetti's' campaign director said: "In January, Garcetti offered Greuel the People's Pledge to stop Super PACs on both sides, but Greuel rejected the offer to encourage the DWP union Super PAC to spend millions to buy the mayor's office for her," said Jeff Millman.

This comes after a controversial mailer in Spanish and English was sent out by the L.A. County Federation of Labor. It suggests Greuel would increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour for everyone. Greuel does favor an increase in the minimum wage, but only for hotel workers.

Another mailer put out by a private individual says Eric Garcetti is not Latino.

Garcetti visited seniors Wednesday morning at a center in Pacoima. He says his family came from Mexico and he often speaks Spanish at his news conferences.

With only a few days to go this race is a dead heat.

"I think it will always be a close race. I've always said that no matter what. But I'm confident that we can win because we're bringing a difference to this race, of independence, a difference of results, that my campaign opponent cannot bring," said Garcetti.

Both sides agree the Latino vote will be crucial in this election. That's why we are seeing such a battle in this part of the city.

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