LA city attorney race: Carmen Trutanich, Mike Feuer face off at Inglewood radio station


"We've protected the treasury, we protected the people in this city better than they've ever been protected in the history of the city," Trutanich said.

Trutanich is hoping for a second term as L.A.'s city attorney. The former prosecutor is a relative newcomer to politics. He was elected to his post in 2009.

Then he ran for L.A. County district attorney last year and lost. But the 61-year-old says he's never lost focus on his job as city attorney.

"I'm hell bent on running this city the way it should be run: clean, honest, integrity and transparency," Trutanich says.

Former Assemblyman Feuer says voters are ready for change.

"I want to focus on neighborhoods, on restoring neighborhood safety by invigorating the neighborhood prosecutor program, being a leader and combating gun violence as I have throughout my career," Feuer said. "We have a chance to have a new day in city leadership."

Trutanich says he has a proven track record.

"We've gone from 647 lawyers down to less than 473 lawyers, and we've done more with less, and we brought outside counsel expenses down," Trutanich said.

Feuer ran for city attorney and lost in 2001. But in March's general election, he got almost 44 percent of the vote, while Trutanich got 30 percent. Without an outright majority, both are now locked in a runoff election. Feuer says his experience on L.A.'s City Council and in Sacramento make him a better candidate.

"All these threads come together to make me a leader for the city attorney's office, who can bring a new day of leadership, who knows how to focus on priorities," Feuer said.

A recent Eyewitness News/SurveyUSA poll shows that Trutanich has made serious inroads against his challenger. Feuer led by 18 points in March, then by 12, then by 10 and now leads by 6 points.

"The momentum's our way because our message is getting out. People are hearing what we've done," Trutanich said.

Voters in the city of L.A. will make their choice on May 21.

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