LA mayor's race attack ads target Latino votes


The latest ad that came out Thursday attacks Garcetti saying he wears a Latino mask and that he displaced Latino families while revitalizing Hollywood.

Garcetti says his family came to the United States from Mexico. Polls show he leads among Latino voters.

"There are all sorts of silly stuff that get thrown out in the last few days but we're focusing on what the message of this campaign is about, not about slurs, not about attack ads but about accomplishments," said Garcetti.

This comes after an ad attacking Greuel started running on Spanish language television Wednesday. The ad tried to link former Gov. Pete Wilson to Wendy Greuel.

Wilson is unpopular in the Latino community for his support of Prop. 187. The ad also says Greuel was a Republican for 13 years before she switched to the Democratic Party.

"We have had, particularly in the last few days, a very negative tone in this race and I have to tell you, I don't know about you, but I'm tired of it," said Greuel.

She spoke Thursday at the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. She told Eyewitness News she thought the ad being produced by an outside group attacking Garcetti was deceptive.

"I have not seen that particular ad but again I will say to you I do not and I have asked publically to have everyone not have negative TV ads that are out there that are not truthful and that are deceptive," said Greuel.

Garcetti held a rally Thursday with former Obama advisor David Axelrod and said he also condemns the negative ads.

"I will continue to decry anything negative that lies or that has untruths about my opponent," said Garcetti. "I would encourage her to do the same."

The two sides can ask for the ads can stop but since they're being produced by independent groups, the campaigns don't have any control over them. It's likely the negative ads will continue up until Election Day.

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