Cool Kid Noel Cabrera forms club to help seniors

LA VERNE, Calif.

"Out of the 20 or 30 residents that I interact with, I've only seen two or three of their actual guests, their children, their husbands or wives. So I thought what could I do about that?" he said.

Noel decided to form the Students Helping Seniors Club. He attends Bonita High School where the motto is "be extraordinary."

"There's this whole school of extraordinary kids, or "be extraordinary" kids, and I want to bring some of them here to volunteer, to feel what I feel whenever I come here," he said.

Noel has found it's a positive experience for himself and each senior he meets.

"It's a nice feeling I get to show that I care, or to get them to at least look back on their own lives. It's nice," he said.

Noel has already chosen where he's going to college, and he's also making plans to expand his organization there and beyond.

"I want to start another club at the University of La Verne, and I want to get more than just high school students. I want to get college students and even the community to come and help out and volunteer," he said.

Noel Cabrera is a Cool Kid reaching out to another generation, and in doing so, he's learned a lot about himself and brought some much-needed smiles to others.

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