Prize-winning bulldogs stolen from San Bernardino home


The family says the dogs are valuable, but their heartbreak is worse than any monetary loss. Thieves entered a backyard kennel before sunrise on Wednesday and stole four of the family's beloved French bulldogs and an English bulldog.

"When someone comes and take something that is so precious to you, they don't understand the damage. To them it might be a quick buck, it might be quick money. But to us, you're taking part of our family away," said owner Fernando Juarez.

Fernando enters the dogs in shows, and they've won several trophies. One of the stolen pets is a champion named Argus.

The family still has two playful puppies, Mavis and Ginger. They believe the puppies weren't taken because a neighbor's dog started barking, and the neighbor went outside to see what was going on.

Friends have helped the family circulate flyers offering a reward.

"Anybody out there who loves their pets as much as we do would definitely know the pain and the feeling that we're going through. And if anything, we just ask, please return our dogs," said owner Miriam Juarez.

The Juarez family was also targeted three months ago when two other bulldogs were stolen.

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