Memorial Day: Gas prices aren't stopping drivers from holiday travel


Many drivers got an early start to the getaway weekend by hopping on the roads Friday morning. But some found themselves stuck in traffic just minutes into the trip.

"It has started off pretty rough with the accident out there on the 405. We sat in the accident area for about an hour," said Joy Dula, referring to a truck crash and resulting fuel spill that shut down multiple lanes of the northbound 405 Freeway near Montana Avenue.

According to AAA, motor vehicle travel will be up slightly for the holiday weekend. The top three destinations for Southern Californians are San Diego, Las Vegas and the Bay Area.

One thing drivers are not grumbling about are gas prices, which are actually down from last year.

In Los Angeles and Long Beach, the average price or regular unleaded is $4.07 compared to $4.33 a year ago. In Orange County, the price tag is $4.04 compared to $4.30 last year. In the Inland Empire, a gallon of regular is $4.03 compared to $4.31 a year ago. In Ventura County, it's $4.07, down from $4.32.

Many drivers have adjusted to prices over $4 per gallon, and with the holiday ahead, they are not letting it slow them down.

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