'The Rock' returns for 'Fast & Furious 6'


Now he's back reprising his role as an FBI agent in "Fast & Furious 6."

"I just wanted a diverse career," said Johnson. "I didn't necessarily think, 'Oh I want to be involved in franchises, or I want to be a big movie star.' I just want to have a diverse career. This 2013 for me has been the result of a couple of very busy past 24-36 months of shooting a lot of movies. You know what this has been? This has been like a big 'Rock' buffet of movies. Whatever you're hungry for in terms of movies, well you stop on by this 'Rock' buffet and I'm pretty sure that I can please your appetite."

Johnson loves the fact that "Fast & Furious" features an ensemble cast of characters, which means he doesn't have to do all the big-screen heavy lifting.

"Everything gets shared and so you feel a little less pressure where everything is divided up. But the truth is, make no mistake about it, they're all coming to see one person -- Gina Carano," he said.

Carano, a former MMA fighter, is new to the ensemble and plays his on-screen partner.

"This is a great big break-out role for Gina. She's beautiful, she's smart, and she laughs at all my jokes so I love her to death," said Johnson.

It doesn't look like Johnson will be taking a break anytime soon. He has seven films in some phase of production, and right after we talked to him, he was off to Hungary to start filming the title role in the new film "Hercules."

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