Ideas to have superfoods throughout day


Chef Steven Kalt of Caufield's won't sacrifice flavor for health. But he feels you can have both on one plate without a problem.

"I like to have things that are lighter and cleaner and fresher, and you can absolutely have great food, very sexy food, and also have it be healthy for you," Kalt said.

A colorful variety of produce both raw and cooked is just the ticket. Kalt says try having kale, mushrooms and onions in some way every day, and the less cooked, the better. Start the day with an egg dish, with mushrooms, onion, kale, avocado, Sriracha sauce and a side of berries.

Anti-inflammatory kale helps protect blood vessels by neutralizing oxidative stress, while mushrooms boost immunity by increasing white blood cell activity and production. Onions contain compounds that fight bacteria and infection. And berries, known as blood purifiers, also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Researchers have identified about a million phyto nutrients, or plant chemicals, that offer protection to us in a similar way they protect the plant itself and often coming from the colorful portion of the food. Along with their vitamins, minerals and fiber, they all work together to deliver good-tasting, good-for-you benefits.

While raw is great, some plant food like lycopene in tomatoes is enhanced when heated. Even spices, which often come dried, can deliver a nutritious punch.

Kalt created a superfood day, with his egg dish for breakfast, chicken and shaved veggie sandwich and a kale salad with almonds and dates for a variety of taste and texture.

So rather worry about the scary-sounding names like allium compounds and carotenoids, just eat as many fruits and vegetables and other plant foods as you can in a day.

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