Busy summer movie season for actor Ken Jeong


"The moment Mr. Chow jumped out naked in the trunk, it changed my life from black and white to Technicolor," said Jeong. "It just changed everything."

Jeong's "Mr. Chow" figures heavily into the final installment of the franchise.

"He's like the devil, with a sense of humor," said Jeong.

And he's still up to plenty of no good.

"I used to be a physician, and just to do this at this level and to act at this level for the last four years have been -- you know, I still go home genuinely stunned at what's going on," said Jeong.

Dr. Ken Jeong maintains his medical license, but he says all he ever really wanted was to be a working actor.

"There's a moment once a day for like the last four to six years, I feel like I can't believe I'm doing this, it's such just such a privilege, man," said Jeong.

Jeong's career may be soaring, but advice his father gave him keeps him very grounded.

"Don't be an actor to be worshipped or to be adored," Jeong said. "Do this because you love it and you would do this on any level. If you were on a stage, doesn't matter. Don't do it for the fame or fortune because those are fleeting. What goes up will come down, but if you love what you do, that's everlasting."

And with all his movie duties, Jeong is also part of the ensemble cast of the TV sitcom "Community."

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