Vine marriage proposal goes viral on Twitter


If you use Twitter, you can download the application called Vine, which allows you to post six-second videos to Twitter. They show everything from news reporting to goofing around, but never has a video shown a marriage proposal.

"Marsha, I love you so much, will you marry me? Please. Please," Curt Buthman says in the video.

"There were about three minutes there where she didn't answer. I didn't know if it went, I didn't know if it uploaded," said Buthman.

Marsha Collier, who has written several books on social networking, was busy in a Twitter chat on customer service.

"I don't have time to click links during a chat, but I clicked it and I saw the Vine video," said Collier. "I just melted. I totally melted."

Her initial response was: "Um, wow!! OMG" -- not technically a yes.

"I could have looked like a really giant fool at that time," said Buthman.

Moments later...relief! "Um, uh, YES @curtbuthman - I will MARRY YOU!" Collier tweeted to the world.

Buthman was elated.

"The biggest surprise was how many people responded and are still responding," said Collier.

#Willyoumarryme started trending all around the world.

"It was just like a family party. It was like popping the champagne cork with friends," said Collier.

Buthman said the proposal represented their relationship. He first interacted with Collier on Twitter. They first met at a blogging conference and they promise to tweet their wedding.

"We couldn't leave our social media friends out," said Collier.

They have a message for old-fashioned skeptics.

"For those who say it's not romantic, when a man asks a woman to marry him, it's always romantic, I mean, it's kind of special," said Collier.

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