Dances With Films festival gives spotlight to independent movies


"Miss You Can Do It" is this year's Dances With Films festival opener. The documentary tells the story of the woman who created a pageant, and the kids with physical challenges who participate in it.

"It's basically a weekend that these girls were told that you're beautiful, that you're wonderful and that we're not judging you for what the world sees you on the outside, but what you are on the inside," said producer-director Ron Davis.

Moviemakers and shakers were everywhere inside the Loew's Hollywood Hotel on Thursday, and they were all excited to be a part of the festival.

It's "Home" for writer-director Jono Oliver.

"Well, this is a great festival because it really seems to try to highlight films that get overlooked by other festivals," he said.

"And it's not about pomp and circumstance. It's about independent filmmakers working hard for not a lot of money for a passion that they have," said director Monty Miranda.

The stars of "House of Good and Evil" think their movie is a scream. And while they call their movie "eerie," they call the festival exciting.

"It's a festival that really honors independent films because they look at fresh faces and they look at fresh projects," said co-star Rachel Marie Lewis.

"The Bet" is directed by a "General Hospital" star.

"I'm so excited to be here at this festival because, you know, I got my little tag that said I was a filmmakers and it was -- it was rockin," said Finola Hughes.

And rollin' along back for another year was the producer of raunchy comedy, "American Idiots."

"If you like 'Hangover,' if you like 'Harold and Kumar,' you're going to love 'American Idiots.' It's an R rated comedy and it's awesome," said producer Jason Loughridge.

Dances With Films runs through June 9 at Hollywood's Chinese 6 Theatres.

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