New Superman Henry Cavill describes trying on costume for 1st time


The iconic character has been around for 75 years now. But this modern-day reboot attempts to make Superman more relatable. It's about a guy who's not quite sure how he fits into the world in which he lives. Cavill has thought a lot about Superman's situation.

"You feel incredibly alone and you walk through life that way. And you never know what the world is going to think of you if they were to discover you," said Cavill. "This movie isn't a superhero movie. It's a story which happens to have a superhero in it."

It also has a two-time Oscar winner. Russell Crowe plays Superman's birth father, Jor-El.

"I think the thing they're going to find probably the most intriguing is he's probably the best actor who's ever played Superman. So there's more emotional scope within the role," said Crowe.

There's also a new costume for Superman, which initially involved several concepts, various materials and different lengths for the cape.

"I put it on and I turn around and looked in the mirror and there's something truly special about it," Cavill said about putting on the costume for the first time. "There's a genuine physical energy, almost visual energy, which it has. I like to liken it to when someone cooks you a delicious meal and you can taste the love in it. It may be all the same ingredients, but there's something different about it because someone genuinely cared while creating this thing for you."

"Man of Steel" is rated PG-13. It flies into theaters June 14.

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