Road rage brawl stops traffic on 405 Freeway - exclusive


The confrontation was between a driver of a big rig and commuter Richard Brun of Laguna Beach. The incident began on the 605 Freeway, headed to the 105 Freeway and ended on the 405 Freeway at Beach Boulevard.

"I was on survival mode. My whole life, I've put myself out there to protect my client and look out for the best interest of my client. Today, I was put to the test to look out for the best interest of myself," said Brun, who has been a security guard for 25 years.

Brun said the confrontation began after the truck driver threw something at him on the 605 Freeway.

"He drove up next to me, threw some type of glass object at my vehicle. It blew up on my vehicle and then I proceeded and I called 911," said Brun.

Brun said he got out of his car on the 405 after the truck driver waved a lead pipe at him, threatening to kill him.

"My whole objective was to make sure the police got this guy for fear of him doing this to somebody else," said Brun.

The incident was recorded by Daniel Foote, who got out of his car with his cellphone in hand.

"It's worth documenting and I think maybe people should see this stuff," said Foote. "When a fight turns to someone carrying a lead pipe, that's when people get killed."

Officers eventually arrived and took the truck driver away in handcuffs. Brun is nursing cuts and bruises all over, but is grateful officers arrived before things got even uglier.

"I was happy. I was relieved," said Brun.

The California Highway Patrol backs up the key points of Richard's story and said they were inundated with calls as this unfolded around 5 p.m.

The truck driver was arrested on assault charges, and his metal pipe was obtained as evidence. His identity has not been released.

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