'Man of Steel' movie review: More relatable story, eye-popping action


There are lots of changes in the new superhero film: the famous costume has a bold new look; Perry White is now black and his famous "Great Caesar's ghost" line is gone; Jimmy Olson is out too, it's Jenny Olson now; and Lois Lane sips on scotch. But don't worry, the heroics are still very much in place.

This modern day re-boot attempts to make the Superman story more relatable, and it does. Imagine being the only person on earth with these crazy super powers. How do you handle it?

As the "Man of Steel," Cavill handles it beautifully. He offers physical strength and strength of emotion.

Amy Adams is fun, tough and smart as love interest Lois Lane. She really gets the character.

And as Superman's birth father, Russell Crowe brings depth and quiet bravery to the character Jor-El.

Superman, of course, arrives to earth as an infant and is raised as Clark Kent by the people who found him on their farm in Smallville. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner bring a lot of heart and soul to these roles.

Costner has the movie's most emotional moment, and you'll see him do it without uttering a word. The man can act!

As much action as there is in "Man of Steel" -- and there is a lot -- it still captures a sense of humor, a little wink every now and then. Naturally, there's also a serious tone thanks to the villain, General Zod, played with evil zeal by Michael Shannon.

Toward the end, with all the big-budget action, destruction and fighting, I thought the movie actually ended four times, but it just kept revving up for more. Maybe too much of a good thing at that point, but this "Man of Steel" is still pretty golden.

I saw "Man of Steel" in 3D, and it's eye-popping. But I don't think you'll feel cheated if your theater is only showing it the good, old-fashioned way. Plus, you won't have to wear the 3D glasses for two hours and 15 minutes.

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