Defense shows clips of Michael Jackson rehearsing weeks before death


The defense showed the clips to rebut claims that Jackson was not fit to perform and that AEG should have known it.

The video is AEG's response to emails previously shown by the Jackson attorneys from AEG production heads. One email said Jackson's health had been deteriorating for eight weeks and that Jackson would have fallen if he tried a 360-degree spin.

According to court testimony, the clip, in which Jackson completed several spins, was shot within that eight-week span.

Under questioning by AEG attorney Marvin Putnam, AEG Live President Randy Phillips said he was confused about reports of Jackson's ill health. Phillips said that he had a talk with Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, and the doctor said Jackson might have had the flu and was in great health and looking forward to doing the shows.

Phillips said at a later meeting at Jackson's house, the singer looked great and explained his absence from rehearsals. According to Phillips, Jackson said, "I have done this choreography most of my career. I have muscle memory. I don't have to be at rehearsal all the time."

AEG is battling Katherine Jackson's lawsuit. She claims that AEG hired Murray, who gave Jackson nightly doses of surgical sedative to help him sleep. The singer died June 2009 of a propofol overdose.

Phillips testified that AEG was not responsible for Jackson's personal life and that he forwarded the emails about Jackson's health to a team of Jackson's managers who worked directly with the star.

The mood changed at the end of the court day. The attorney for Katherine Jackson, Brian Panish, fired a question at the defendant, "You will say anything won't you?"

Phillips replied, "That's outrageous."

Panish resumes his questioning on Friday.

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