Cool Kid Jessica Fisher shares connection to animals with kids


Shoestring City Ranch gives kids from the city the chance to spend a little time learning about horses. The ranch also has ducks, sheep, even a llama.

Cool Kid Jessica Fisher is there to make sure the kids have fun, but also learn.

"They're helping, taking care of them, cleaning the stalls, so it's teaching them responsibility, teaching acceptance," said Jessica. "Everyone's working together -- teaches leadership and teamwork."

And Jessica embodies that spirit, helping kids come away with a positive experience.

"She has a way of being that calm, confident, adult type. But at the same time, be able to speak on the level of the child and assure them that they're doing the right thing, which instills confidence in them," said Karen Thompson, director of Shoestring City Ranch.

Jessica's connection and love of animals has been lifelong. So it makes sense she's aiming for a career as a veterinarian, specializing in equine medicine

"My whole passion is working with animals, especially horses like Kona," said Jessica. "And so what I would love to do with my life is to work with horses and to treat them and help them get better."

As much as Jessica loves being around horses, she gets more enjoyment seeing how people react when she introduces them to all the animals on the ranch.

"It makes me so happy to work with the animals and so happy to just see the kids' faces," said Jessica. "Even kids, adults, teenagers, their faces light up when they start working with the horses, when the horse baptizes them, their faces light up. They love it."

Many city kids only see horses on tv or in the movies. But cool kid jessica fisher makes that experience a real one and teaches kids something in the process.

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