'Monsters University' premieres with blue carpet, tailgate party


Disney-Pixar pulled out all the stops for the film's premiere. A marching band opened the blue carpet, and on the other end of it was a tailgate party complete with food and fun to enjoy before the main event.

The film is a prequel to "Monsters Inc." It takes place at Monsters University, where our two beloved main characters -- "James P. Sullivan" and "Mike Wazowski" -- first meet as teenagers.

"That's going to be a great legacy for me," said Billy Crystal, who is the voice of Mike Wazowski. "It's been embraced for 12 years since it first came out. To make a sequel 12 years later meant that generations of new families were watching the first movie and wanting to see more."

And they will see more with new monsters added to the mix.

"And it's very important that they look as good as the main characters, because you want the world to feel believable," said executive producer John Lasseter.

Some say this one is even better than the first "Monsters" film.

"I think this is the best Pixar movie yet. And I know there are a lot of fans of 'Monsters Inc,' the first one. So when they called me up and said, 'Hey, this is Pixar,' I just said, 'Yes.' I didn't care what it was," said Sean P. Hayes, who lends his voice to the character of "Terri Perry."

One of the monsters has had a voice in every Pixar movie ever made.

"With Pixar, the standard is so high. It's like being a batboy with the New York Yankees or fetching paint colors for da Vinci," said John Ratzenberger.

John Goodman, who voices "Sully," couldn't make it to the premiere because he's in Europe. "Monsters University" opens June 21.

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