Woman seen on camera taking dog from Tustin home

TUSTIN, Calif.

"We did figure that she was going to turn her in or knock on the door later on or next day or so, because it is the proper thing to do," said Sergio Camacho.

But that never happened. Instead, security cameras mounted on the home shows the woman parking her car along La Colima Drive around 5 p.m. She then walks up the Camaho's driveway following the dog, Bubba-Lulu, towards the house. The next thing you see is the woman walking away with the dog under her arm.

"It took her about three minutes to grab her and take her and vanish with her in her little Honda car," said Camacho.

The woman can be seen driving off in a Honda with a left front fender replacement, and at least two wheel covers are missing. Fabiana Ramirez was the first to discover what happened to the family pet after checking the home's security video.

"I was shocked," said Ramirez. "I was surprised. I said, 'How can somebody just do something like that?'"

The family has posted fliers throughout their neighborhood. They are also offering a $2,000 reward for Bubba-Lulu's safe return, no questions asked.

"Whoever she is, we just want our dog back. We will not press charges, we just want our dog back," said Camacho.

For 7-year-old Amanda Camacho, her heartbreak is evident in the poster she made for her beloved companion and best friend. Coupled with the photos are the tears she drew alongside the words, "We really miss you."

"I really loved her, and I really miss her," she said.

Anyone with information about Bubba-Lulu's whereabouts can contact Fabiana Ramirez at ramirezfabiana@hotmail.com.

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