Cool Kid Brenden Edwards coaches baseball for special needs kids


"Everybody has a chance to come just for a couple hours every week, just come and have fun and just play sports that otherwise may not be available to them," said Brenden.

Brenden says they don't keep score. Just playing makes them all winners.

"We want them to have a smile on their face, just be happy and just be able to run the bases and just have a ball out here," said Brenden.

Brenden has played baseball and basketball at Valencia High School, but he brings more than just great athletic skills to these players.

"He's so good with our kids. Our kids love him so much and he's so patient with them, and he does all the things that we wish we could do," said Judy Perez with the Miracle League.

These games are not about winning or losing. For Brenden, the victory is so much more personal.

"It's awesome just knowing that you sparked something in them and then now they can play, and not even all the way to point B, like in the middle when they get their first hit and they have the biggest smile on their face," said Brenden.

Cool Kid Brenden Edwards takes a simple game and makes it mean so much more.

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