Sparks, DCFS to host celebrity basketball game to help foster kids


Dominique Warner has high hopes for her future. The 19-year-old is a student at Victor Valley Community College and wants to transfer and earn a bachelors degree. But Warner didn't always know where her life was heading.

"I've been living with my grandma since I was like 3. My mom died of breast cancer so my grandma took us in, me and five of my siblings," said Warner.

With a houseful of kids, money was tight. Warner and her siblings sought help from the DCFS. A social worker was able to tell the Warners about the Children's Trust Fund.

"It started 45 years ago with a social worker just putting her money in a trust fund," said Warner.

Over the years, the fund has grown through fundraisers and donations, helping kids like Warner.

"I am the youngest so everything is handed down, but like when you need new shoes or uniform...they help," said Warner.

The Trust Fund helped Warner get needed dental work and even helped with graduation and prom.

"Prom was like the biggest one, because my hair and the shoes and the makeup, I had to get it all done and I didn't know where the money was coming from," said Warner.

Grateful for all the Trust Fund has done for her, Warner now wants to give back. She plans to become a social worker herself.

"My social worker has inspired me to become just like her," Warner said. "I really do want to give back to unfortunate kids like me that came out of situations like I have."

The third annual DCFS "One Child at a Time" celebrity basketball game immediately follows Sunday evening's L.A. Sparks and Washington Mystics game at Staples Center. Both games are included in the purchase of a ticket. Proceeds help support the Children's Trust Fund.

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