Nutritious smoothies help needy kids in LA, company aims for 'Full Effect'


Neil Grimmer, the owner of Plum Organics, is stunned at how some American children are fed.

"It's shocking when you think one out of five kids in America have food insecurity, which means one out of five kids actually doesn't have the ability to live to their full potential," he said.

Statistically, one out of three 9-month-olds in the U.S. are overweight or obese, while the No. 1 veggie fed to toddlers is French fries. Children living in areas known as "food deserts" either get little food, or food with little nutrition.

To help those in need, Grimmer designed a super smoothie created for donation only, to be provided where good nutrition is absent.

"This is a smoothie that is made with apples, spinach, carrot, white beans and oats. So it's really a complete set of nutrient ingredients at the core," he said.

Grimmer enlisted the help of a pediatrician to design the food pouch that is packed with vitamins, fiber, and omega three fats - all things kids need.

"Nutrition is the building block for any little one, and it impacts almost everything," Grimmer said.

Known as "The Full Effect," his company rolled out a half-million pouches to charitable organizations like the Children's Institute, which helps families in Echo Park, South L.A. and others.

Surprisingly, food banks get a lot of product that is high in calories and low in nutrition, so when they can get products that are highly nutritious, it's a bonus for everyone.

Director Argelis Ortiz uses the product to make smoothies and salads rather than offer it as a single food.

"It's more of like a combination to what else they are eating, so we sort of taught them how to use it within their regular meals," said Ortiz.

The partnership helps to educate families while nourishing little ones.

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