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OTRC: Michael Jackson's son Prince testifies at trial, reveals 50 things

Michael Jackson's son, Prince Jackson, is seen in a videotaped deposition filed at a Los Angeles Court in March 2013 for the wrongful death trial of the singer. The family is suing concert promoter AEG Live.

Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince Jackson recently testified at the wrongful death trial his family is currently involved in with AEG Live, a concert promotion company that had organized a London tour Michael was preparing for before he died in 2009.

The Jackson family claims the company hired Conrad Murray, the singer's private doctor who was jailed in 2011 for involuntary manslaughter over his death. AEG Live denies any wrongdoing.

During his testimony on Wednesday, June 26, Prince, who was 12 when Michael died and is now 16, shared details about his personal life, his siblings and details about his father -- including his final days. Also that day, jurors viewed home videos and photos of Prince, his sister Paris and their brother Blanket to see how Michael raised them (watch the VIDEOS and check out the PHOTOS).

Check out 50 things Prince revealed.

On himself

1. Born Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Prince said his family started calling him Prince when his younger brother was born. The youngest Jackson child is known as Blanket, but his birth name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

2. Prince currently lives with his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, his cousin Trent, his sister and brother in Calabasas, California.

3. He is taking U.S. history class this summer.

4. He has a 3.68 GPA and belongs to the National Honor Society, a U.S. organization that recognizes outstanding high school students.

5. Prince used to play football and basketball and did martial arts. He is on robotics team at school and they compete nationally.

6. When asked by Jackson attorney Brian Panish, "Do you think your dad is proud of your robotics work?" he replied, "Maybe. I tried making him proud."

7. Prince wants to go to college at the University of Southern California (USC) to study film, mechanical science or business.

8. His school requires community service and Prince puts in more than required at Children's Hospital Los Angeles with a program called "Literally Healing." The program, in part, provides books to the sick children at the hospital. Prince reads to kids in cancer ward.

9. "Dad said you should give back to community and help as best as you can," Prince said.

10. Prince said about his musical abilities, "I cannot play [the piano] and definitely cannot sing."

On Michael Jackson

11. "He wanted to know what we were learning," Prince said about his father. "He wanted to know how we were doing in school and how we could better the world."

12. Prince said he and his father "wrote a lot of screenplays. My dad taught me how to write scripts, helped me unlock thinking with the right side of my brain."

13. The two would watch movies without sound to study visuals/shots. "We watched the sound afterwards and he would show how the sound could actually make or break the movie," Prince explained.

14. Prince said, "Most my work ethics I learned from my dad."

15. "I don't think he ever sat and did nothing, we were always running, exercising, he would teach me how to drive," Prince later added.

16. Prince also explained why Michael made them wear masks and said, "He used to make sure no one would know how we looked like so when we went out, no one would recognize us and we could have normal kids' lives."

17. His father taught him how to tie a tie.

18. Prince said his father was "scared, terrified of dogs" but got over it for his children and liked their chocolate labrador named Kenya.

19. "My dad was always optimistic," Prince said.

20. Prince said Michael wrote messages all the time "on his mirrors, bathroom doors. Sometimes it was song lyrics or messages he got down from religious or spiritual leaders."

On Neverland Valley Ranch

21. Prince said he lived at Neverland until he was 6 years old. The family also lived close to Disneyland in France.

22. As for why they moved from Neverland, Prince testified, "After the criminal case there were some complications in the house from the police, I guess they ruined the house for him."

23. "When my dad bought the house, and built it, he built it for the kids he wanted to have, he built it for us," Prince said about Michael's former California home.

24. Prince Neverland said had amusement park and a zoo. The zoo had a pet giraffe and alpacas.

25. "We only went there [amusement park and zoo] for special occasions, because my dad wanted us to remain humble," Prince said.

On his sister Paris

26. "I think out of my siblings she was hit the hardest [with Michael's death]," Prince said. "She was my dad's little princess. She definitely is dealing with it in her own way."

27. "Me and my sister don't celebrate birthdays, it was something we did with our dad," he said.

28. When Paris spoke during the memorial service, it was not planned.

On his brother Blanket

29. During his testimony, Prince showed the court where his bedroom was in a photo. Paris had another bedroom and Blanket would go back and forth between their rooms.

30. Prince said Blanket excels in school.

31. "Blanket was so young [when Michael died], my brother is still growing up like I am, he doesn't have a dad to tell him what's right and wrong," Prince said.

On the "This Is It" tour and dealing with AEG LIVE ...

32. "He was very excited about the tour, this would've been probably last time we would be able to see him perform," Prince said.

33. Prince testified that he saw Michael on the phone and that most of the time it was either AEG Live's C.E.O. Randy Phillips or Michael's financial advisor Dr. Tohme Tohme.

34. "He would get off the phone, he would cry sometimes," Prince said. He claimed Michael would said, "They are gonna kill me, they are gonna kill me."

    Prince said Michael's comment was referring mostly to AEG, Phillips and Dr. Tohme.

35. "My dad didn't fight, he was like my grandma, too kind to fight, that's why he called my grandpa," Prince said, referring to Michael's father, Joe Jackson.

On Conrad Murray

36. Prince said he first met Dr. Conrad Murray in Las Vegas and added, "He came over to our house to treat us for multiple sickness, cold and things like that."

37. Prince said he remembered Cherilyn Lee -- a holistic practitioner, nutritionist and nurse who began treating Michael and his three children in early 2009, months before Michael's death -- coming to the house to give his dad IVs. Prince said he thought it was vitamins.

38. "Dr. Murray came over every day, except Sunday night. He spent the nights," Prince said.

39. Panish asked Prince if he thought it was odd they had oxygen tanks in the house. Prince replied, "No, I was 12 and to my understanding he was supposed to make sure my dad stayed healthy."

40. Prince said AEG wasn't paying Dr. Murray and Michael felt bad.

    "My dad used to give me a couple hundred dollars to give to Dr. Murray," Prince testified. "I would give him but he would only take a portion of it."

41. Prince explained that Michael tried to give Murray the money himself, but that Murray would not take the money from Michael. So Michael had Prince and Paris hand Murray money.

42. According to Prince, Michael was in rehearsals either the night before or two nights before he died and Phillips showed up at the house to talk to Dr. Murray.

    "I came in and asked if they would like something to drink or eat," Prince said. "Randy Phillips was talking to Dr. Murray, grabbing his elbow."

    "I was surprised they were all in the house," he added. "I hadn't seen Dr. Tohme in a while, I still didn't like him."

On Michael's death

43. "From my perspective back then I thought he was healthy," Prince said about his father. A few weeks later, Prince said Michael was working a lot and looked really, really skinny, almost malnourished.

44. Prince said the last time he saw Michael [alive] was the day before he died.

45. The last phone conversation they had was when Prince called his dad to say that Phillips was at the house.

46. The day Michael died, Prince recalled being downstairs. He heard screaming coming from upstairs.

    "Ran into the kitchen, saw Dr. Murray go back upstairs, Alberto [Alvarez, a bodyguard] just came inside, Kai [Chase, Michael's personal chef] said Dr. Murray wanted me upstairs," Prince said.

    "My dad was hanging half off the bed and his eyes were rolling kind of half of his head," he added.

    "Me and my sister came upstairs," Prince said. "My sister was screaming the whole time, she wanted her daddy."

    The kids were then escorted downstairs.

    "I was waiting in the bottom of the stairs crying," Prince said.

47. He saw the stretcher take Michael to the hospital. They followed the ambulance.

48. Prince said Frank DiLeo, Jackson's manager, and Dr. Murray told them, "Sorry kids, dad is dead."

    "I just cried," Prince said.

49. After his father's death, Prince said, "I can't sleep at night, I have a hard time sleeping ... for a while, I became emotionally distant from a lot of people."

50. Prince said he wished his father was here to be with him during the first day of school, talk about his first girlfriend, being able to drive and see his awards and honors.

    "We have someone, but it's just not the same," Prince said.