Cool Kid helps communities locally, globally


Helping people is very important to Chelsie Kent. Whether it's those seeking help at Mary's Mercy Center or women and children looking for shelter at Veronica's Home of Mercy, Chelsie strives to make a real connection.

"I like to have a conversation with them, get to know them a little bit," says Chelsie. "And let them know I care about them and I generally want to help them."

Especially for those children facing scary and uncertain times, Chelsie wants to bring comfort.

"This is a good place and it won't be the same as where they were. So just to make them feel like they're OK and that everything will be all right in the future," says Chelsie.

In addition to the local shelters, Chelsie also volunteers for The Thirst Project, a group building wells in the developing world. All of it makes others see a future of service for her.

"I see her doing something, starting her own kind of Thirst Projects, being in the Peace Corps, Doctors Without Borders. I think she's going to change lives, I really do," says teacher Shannon Herrera.

Whether helping at home or far away, Chelsie's reward is very personal.

"There's something about making other people comfortable, and making their life just a little better gives me all the satisfaction in the world," says Chelsie.

Chelsie Kent is a Cool Kid with helping hands for her own community and the world.

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