Michael Jackson's makeup artist testifies in wrongful death trial


Faye testified about warning AEG execs that Jackson was too thin a month before Jackson's comeback tour was to launch. She told jurors when she first testified seven weeks ago that a costume fitter told her that Jackson was so thin, his heart was visibly beating under his skin.

Now under cross examination by the AEG attorney, details emerged that rebut many of her earlier statements. Defense attorney Marvin Putnam asked Faye if she would be surprised that Jackson weighed 136 pounds when he died.

Faye's response: "136 pounds would be good for Michael."

Faye had testified, too, that she was scared for Jackson on June 19, saying six days before he died, he was shivering and unable to rehearse. Three days later, Jackson was back on stage doing Billy Jean.

Putnam asked Faye how Jackson's performance was on the 23rd.

Her response: "It was much improved."

Putnam asked, "Did it restore your hope?"

Faye replied, "Oh yeah."

Faye qualified her answer by saying she still thought the concert schedule was too strenuous. The defense showed jurors a calendar that said 10 days a month max, as few as three, with a break after three months, and Jackson would not have to travel. He would stay in one arena.

Katherine Jackson and the star's three children are suing AEG execs Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware. The Jackson family alleges that AEG hired and then failed to supervise the doctor who was treating Jackson nightly with a surgical anesthetic to help the singer sleep. Jackson died from an overdose of propofol.

The plaintiffs say that Jackson's anxiety was generated by the tour promoters. The defense asked Faye directly if Phillips or Gongaware every personally pressured her to get Jacskon on the stage. Her answer was no.

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