Retail chains offering online price-matching


Other stores have brand-new polices offering to price-match competitor deals and knock an additional 10 percent off. With the help of video from a hidden camera consumer, here are some insider tricks on how you can save even more money with price-matching.

Getting the best possible deal is important to consumers like Maria Smith. So the busy mother of four loves to save with price-matching.

"Just this week I bought a toy, saved three bucks, bought my coffee that day," said Maria.

While shopping undercover to show you what happens on the price-matching front lines, a $99 electric screwdriver was found at one major chain, and its bar code was scanned with a price-matching app.

Turns out an online retailer was offering it for $94.99. Then at checkout, neither the clerk nor the supervisor knew what to do. Maria knows this frustration.

"There are times when the store employee does not know their own policy," said Maria.

Although the store's policy says it doesn't price-match online retailers, at the customer service desk, they knocked the $5 off.

"Some employees will stick exactly to the script as corporate policy writes when it comes to price-matching; others will go out of their way to help shoppers," said Louis DeNicola,

That's what happened in another instance: a clerk helped to save big on a Blu-ray player. There was a lower price at the very same chain store only two miles away, but were told they match prices with online competitors, and not their own stores. So the clerk checked online and found a retailer offering an even better deal at $50 off.

"Having an employee that knows the rules can make all the difference," said DeNicola. warns sometimes stores play sales hardball.

"Although you might see a television that's 42 inches, it has the exact same specifications between two different stores, you'll find out that store A has a very specific model number because they've moved the power button to the left side, you won't be able to price-match it in store B," said DeNicola.

Maria says if she can't get the deal, she looks for the exit.

"If the store doesn't match the other retailers price there times when I have walked out and not bought the item," said Maria.

The major big-box stores all said price-matching is important for them to stay competitive. Some stores will also match prices a week or two after you bought an item if you find a lower price elsewhere -- just bring in your original receipt, and proof of the competition's price.

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