Riverside animal shelter sees many lost pets after fireworks


A steady stream of people lined up at the Riverside County Animal Shelter to bring in lost pets or to look for their own pets.

Patti Downs of Riverside says seeing so many dogs away from home sickens her.

"It's very sad," said Downs. "It breaks my heart."

When these frightened pets make it out onto the highway, it can be even worse.

"This street is pretty bad. There's always [dead animals]. I saw two this morning," said Tonya Ornelas, a veterinary technician.

Ornelas says even pets that don't get outside can get hurt just by running around so much after hearing the loud booms.

For some people, there was good news.

"We got the call today that they found her, so we're really happy, really fortunate," said Tarin Prusak, who says her dog was micro-chipped.

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