San Francisco plane crash: Survivors recount flight's final moments


"I think it's miraculous that we have survived because things could have been much worse," said one passenger.

Passengers were treated in a makeshift triage center in the airport. Many stepped out of the terminal shocked and exhausted, processing what they had just experienced, and remembering the moment the plane crashed onto the runway.

"The moment it touched the runway there was a bang and we realized that something has gone wrong, something terrible has happened," said Vedpal Singh. "It's difficult, you know, your instincts take over and you really don't know what's really going on."

One young passenger described things falling on top of people.

"As it landed, it was a hard loud noise, and then the masks fell down and then severe stuff started falling down on people and everyone started screaming," he said.

Over the phone, passenger Elliot Stone described waiting for paramedics after the crash.

"Once we were on the ground everybody was all huddled on one side. My family and I went to the other side, and then 20 minutes later this lady just appears from like 500 yards away just crippled, just walking, so we start running over and there's another five bodies 500 yards away that nobody saw," said Stone.

In all, 182 people were transported to hospitals. Others were lucky enough to walk away. Ritu Singh says her husband and 15-year-old son were hurt, but are OK.

"I was scared. I had my son with me and I just held his hand and he was scared," she said.

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