BodyFit 360 workout targets long, lean muscles, offsets 'boot camp syndrome'


"This is a sweaty workout. It gets your heart rate up. It works on strength, it works on flexibility, but it feels very different," said fitness pro Michelle Dozois, creator of BodyFit 360.

Michelle is talking about a new program she created called BodyFit 360 to offset the long-term effects of "boot camp"-type workouts.

"A lot of people love high intensity," said Michelle. "But they're not taking the time to do active recovery, flexibility work, and really work strength and flexibility in a different way

"It makes your muscles more elongated, it makes you more flexible," said La Canada resident Ana Syrkin.

"It's a way to work out without really realizing you're working out," said Michelle.

Michelle teaches boot camp, but as a former dancer, Pilates and yoga instructor, she wanted to marry these practices into a program that still offers the calorie-burning bonus of dance with the strength and flexibility of yoga and Pilates. And at a pace that pushes you.

"This is slightly softer, kinder, gentler Michelle, but still really intense and still a big workout," said Altadena resident Amber Zelenay.

High-intensity training and Tabata are two formats that are extremely popular in fitness today: Short burst of hardcore exertion. But what is often lacking is the flexibility piece of fitness that this provides, without being slow and well, relaxing.

"We're finding length in our body as opposed to constantly shortening it," said Michelle.

Those new to yoga, Pilates, and dance might struggle a bit at first as the moves and combinations are brisk and some positions are challenging.

If you're nowhere near Pasadena for Michelle's Breakthru Fitness gym you can order the workout in DVD form for $19.99. The best part is she's got the breakdown of those unique, challenging moves.

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