Cool Kid helps kids deal with adoption, bullying


Kiana has had some difficult experiences in her young life. She was adopted at an early age. And now the 16-year-old helps other adopted children who are having difficulty adjusting to their new homes.

"I don't want them to sit around and just cry all the time and be depressed. Just love their life the way it is. At least someone loves them. At least someone wants to give them a good life," said Kiana.

Another issue close to her heart is bullying. Kiana feels her personal experiences with bullying give her the ability to empathize with other kids dealing with this problem too.

"I've been through that process, I know how those kids feel because I was bullied through 5th and 7th grade," said Kiana.

The mean words are bad enough, but Kiana says she's seen the problem escalate into violent situations.

"Some kids are being kicked. Some kids are being bullied so bad, being beat up so bad, that they end up in the hospital and have a concussion or a coma," said Kiana.

She takes a personal approach, talking to people whenever she's asked, but also offers advice and guidance on her website. Kiana told me she hopes she's able to lend a helping hand and motivate kids.

"I really want to change other people's lives and impact their lives and encourage them and just be there with them, be there every step of the way with them," said Kiana.

Overcoming great odds is accomplishment enough, but Kiana Deane is turning her bad experiences into positive ways to help those who are truly in need.

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