Navy veteran wakes up in Palms Springs with amnesia


When he woke up at Desert Regional Medical Center, nurses asked him questions and he said he'd never heard of Michael Boatwright. He also didn't know a woman seen in a photo with him.

A hospital social worker helped Boatwright set up a Facebook page, and she discovered he did live in Sweden in the 1980s and ran a consulting company. He lived in China, too, teaching English.

On the school website, Boatwright's own essay reveals he was married to a Japanese woman and had a 12-year-old son. But he says he doesn't remember any of it.

So why was he in Southern California? He had tennis rackets with him and clues suggest he's a tennis coach.

Doctors believe Boatwright is suffering from transient global amnesia, a condition triggered by physical or emotional trauma that can last for several months. They said it could be from stressful or life-changing events, family deaths or major accidents.

For now, Boatwright remains in the hospital waiting to find out where his life is.

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