W Hotel in Westwood offers free fitness classes


"It's a way to stay healthy, bring the community in and also, it's a great treat for the hotel guests as well," said Kit Rich, a fitness pro.

It's a fun promotion at the W Hotel Los Angeles in Westwood that can have you poolside 9 a.m. on Saturdays during the summer for free Pilates classes.

"You literally just show up. You show up, you come by the pool, make sure you're wearing workout clothes and that's all you need," Rich said.

The class is a combination of Pilates, yoga and circuit training.

"So it's fat blasting. You'll get the stretches that Yoga gives you, but you'll also get all those Pilates core benefits," Rich said.

"What better way than to get the people from out of town coming and mixing with the locals and a wellness experience," said James Gancos, general manager of W Hotel Los Angeles - Westwood.

In the winter, the same W Hotel sets up an ice skating rink on the pool, inviting the public to come skate and take classes on the ice as well, which Rich also teaches.

"I've been teaching for a really long time, so just know that if you haven't worked out in a long time or if you're not quite sure what this is, just know that I'll take good care of you," Rich said.

The class is low impact. It's suggested you bring a water bottle and maybe a mat in the event it gets super busy.

Free exercise runs until the end of summer, and if by chance you've worked up a little bit of an appetite, they've also got a delightful discount on dining.

"When you are finished with that, you get a complimentary glass of mimosa, and you also get 20 percent off if you stay for brunch," said Dakota Weiss, executive chef at the W Hotel Los Angeles - Westwood.

The restaurant serves everything from waffle paninis for those indulging to summer salads and egg white omelettes if you're feeling virtuous.

For more information, visit http://www.wlosangeles.com/laweekends, or call (310) 208-8765.

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