Cool Kid's enthusiasm for education takes him to Malawi, Africa


Gabriel believes learning is the key to having a better life. His belief is so strong it has taken him to Africa.

"I'm big on literacy and I'm big on education. Because it is the foundation to breaking the cycle of poverty," said Gabriel. "So I thought, Why not go and build a school in Malawi?"

In spite of the conditions in the village he visited, Gabriel found students eager for knowledge.

"They were extremely excited to learn and to have a place to be educated, because in the rainy season, they don't have classrooms," said Gabriel. "They can't go to school without classrooms."

He may be young himself. But Gabriel has shown people he's got the qualities to take on such an ambitious job.

"His maturity, his intention, his ability to take the lead on projects. He took the lead on this project, definitely, and he did not give up," said teacher Gail Craven.

The work got tough. But even though things were sometimes difficult, Gabriel says he always felt the appreciation from the young students.

"Right off the bus, a festival, singing, chanting as we were getting off the bus. It brought a tear to my eye, to be honest," said Gabriel.

Education opens the door to so much in life. And Gabriel Schneider is working to open that door for children all around the world.

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