Coyotes snatch dogs from Laguna Beach yards


The most recent attack happened Thursday on the 2700 block of Temple Hills Drive. The owner let his Yorkie into the backyard, but when he went to check on it, the dog was missing.

The first attack happened July 18 on the 3100 block of Bern Drive, where two Yorkies were snatched from the backyard of a home.

Authorities say that in both cases, there was evidence suggesting coyotes had taken the dogs.

Police say pet owners in hillside neighborhoods have to be especially careful.

"We did build on land, which was previously all open to coyotes, so it's not unusual to see them roaming around at nighttime. So be vigilant, watch your dogs, especially if you have little dogs and you let them out at nighttime," said Lt. Jason Kravetz with the Laguna Beach Police Department.

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