San Diego Mayor Bob Filner refuses to resign amid sex scandal


The San Diego City Clerk says two recall petitions against the San Diego mayor are set to circulate on Aug. 18. Filner has two weeks to respond to the recall petitions.

Organizers need to collect about 100,000 signatures to potentially put the issue on the ballot.

Land-use consultant Michael Pallamary had given Filner a 5 p.m. deadline to resign Monday. That's now past and recall paperwork is now filed.

"We have to rid our city of this man," said Pallamary. "He is committed to destroying this city, day by day, hour by hour."

Seven women are publicly accusing Filner of sexual harassment.

"I was placed in the Filner headlock," said an alleged victim.

"I remember his hands on me," said another.

"He proceeded to take his hand and pat me on the posterior," said Laura Fink, an alleged victim.

"And he just slobbered down my chin and I was so violated," said a fourth victim.

On Friday, Filner admitted he needs help. They mayor apologized to his staff, San Diego citizens and to the women he allegedly harassed.

"I will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy," said Filner.

A majority of San Diego residents, city council members, and Democratic leaders all agree it's time for Filner to go.

"I don't think somebody who is lacking a moral compass really sets a role model or really provides the kind of leadership that San Diegans want," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

"I think therapy is what you do when you have a personal problem," said Fink. "When you're the mayor of San Diego and have a problem of that degree, you resign."

Mayor Filner is also fighting potential lawsuits from some of his accusers.

On Monday, the mayor's attorney submitted a request for the city to pay his legal fees.

Filmer's leave of absence for "intensive therapy" begins on Aug. 5.

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