Bank executive Brian Mulligan files $20M lawsuit against LAPD


After he filed a complaint, Brian Mulligan claims the LAPD, the police union and other city officials tried to smear him.

The new $20 million lawsuit filed Monday claims "the defense tactic is to 'win at any cost' including the public vilification of the plaintiff."

Mulligan says he was needlessly beaten by officers as he visited a medical marijuana dispensary in Eagle Rock on May 15, 2012. Police claim Mulligan was trying to enter parked cars and eventually tried to attack officers.

The lawsuit alleges officials leaked to the media the arrest report as well as a recording of Mulligan talking to Glendale police several days before his encounter with the LAPD.

In the 11-minute tape, Mulligan admits to snorting "white lightning," a type of bath salts.

The police union released the following statement: "The Los Angeles Police Protective League does not determine LAPD policy. It is the position of the LAPPL that the unedited, complete version of Mr. Mulligan's tape recorded conversation with another law enforcement agency is not confidential."

"Los Angeles Police Department has an internal affairs investigation going regarding this matter," said LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith. "Were looking forward to the day that it goes to court and we can present all the evidence that we have."

Mulligan's resume posted on the USC Marshall School of Business website says he is a Hollywood executive and an investment banker with Deutsche Bank.

The lawsuit claims he was fired from his job and that he "wants his life back. This lawsuit is his only recourse."

The lawsuit also alleges the LAPD and city officials are trying to harass and humiliate Mulligan's family hoping he will drop the case.

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