Pit bulls attack livestock, fatally shot in Yucaipa


Neighbor Kerri Osterhout says one of her neighbors was feeding his horse in the back yard when the dogs apparently broke free from the yard next door and went on the attack.

"It had to be a sad situation. I'm sure the guy was just in panic over it. I know I would have been," said Osterhout.

A horse was bitten in the neck, but is going to be OK. Three sheep were killed by the dogs.

Deputies and animal control officers got there in a hurry. But when it became apparent that the pit bulls weren't finished attacking, a deputy opened fire.

Two of the pit bulls were shot and killed after charging at the deputies. The third dog was captured.

Animal control officers say two of the dogs were licensed, but they're not sure about the other one. It will ultimately be up to animal control whether the owner faces any kind of citation for the dogs getting out.

The homeowner where the sheep and horse were located said this wasn't the first time the dogs acted aggressively.

An investigation was ongoing.

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