ABC7 Pay It Forward: Local boys with giving hearts feed homeless


David Herrera sent in video to Eyewitness News of his sons, 6-year-old Anthony and 5-year-old Aiden, handing out food and water on Skid Row.

"They went out and made some extra money selling these candy apples, and instead of being selfish, they went out and actually went and fed some homeless people," Herrera said.

The boys' mom, Crystal, is on welfare and struggling to make ends meet herself. After her brother, Adam, died on the streets homeless, her perspective on life changed.

"Now, it's just inspired me to go out there and help them now," said Crystal Carmona of Reseda.

ABC7's recent Feed SoCal partnership with Vons is providing more than a half million meals to hungry Southern Californians. Now, we're teaming up with Vons once again to Pay It Forward.

Vons gave Anthony and Aiden $500 in gift cards, so they can continue their work in the community.

"My brother was the cause of all this, and he put it in my heart to just want to do this and I'm just glad we did," said Carmona.

With their $500, Anthony and Aiden raided the grocery shelves and bought enough ingredients to make about 100 meals. After putting the meals together, the boys handed out the food at the Midnight Mission, where they got those smiles they were looking for.

"To see somebody give really from the heart, especially the young kids, that's cool," said Peaches Smith, a homeless woman at the Midnight Mission.

Vons was so inspired that they gave an extra $500 to the Midnight Mission.

"It reinforces my belief in the American society," said Larry Adamson, president and CEO of the Midnight Mission.

Herrera says he is very proud of his two boys.

"They told me something. They realized that people are more important than toys," said Herrera.

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