Cool Kid firefighting cadet motivated to help community


When he was a little boy, Miles Burton loved fire engines and wanted to be a firefighter. But now, as a cadet with LAFD, his motivation has changed.

"Back then, there's just, 'Oh, look at the engine.' But now, as I got older, I like helping people. It's a good career," says Miles.

Miles knows it's going to take a lot of work to be a firefighter. And adults around him can see he's up to the task.

"He has that certain quality about him where he comes in the fire station willing to learn," says firefighter Julio Churchwell. "He's very eager to learn and that's what he does."

Miles certainly puts in the effort, but beyond that, he truly cares about those in his community.

"If they need help, I like being there for that person. If somebody needs help, I'm not going to sit there and watch them just cry for help. I'm actually going to go there and help them out," says Miles.

There's a lot of work and learning ahead of him. But for Miles, there is no obstacle too big standing in his way of getting his dream job.

"I want to be a firefighter," says Miles. "I'm not going to give up. I've been thinking about being a firefighter for this long. I'm not going to let this one challenge overcome me."

Firefighters are people who help and respond when people need it most. And Miles Burton is a Cool Kid who is on his way to be one of them.

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