San Diego mayor touts progress replying to recall


Fourteen women have come forward to accuse Filner of sexual harassment. He apologized for what he says was inappropriate behavior and acknowledged disrespecting and intimidating women. But he has said he is not guilty of sexual harassment.

Filner, 70, completed a two-week therapy program in response to the growing scandal.

The recall effort will include Filner's Monday statement. He made no mention of the accusations in the written statement.

The city's first Democratic mayor in two decades highlighted economic, environmental and job-creating projects that he has launched since his election last November.

Filner pointed out a five-year labor agreement for city employees. He said his administration is working on expansion plans for the city's convention center that will generate thousands of local jobs, and a proposal to try to bring the 2024 summer Olympics to San Diego and neighboring Tijuana, Mexico.

The nine-member city council and state and federal elected officials have urged Filner to step down.

Meantime, the owner of the four Hooters restaurants in San Diego says they will not serve the mayor if he shows up there. Signs to that effect have been posted outside. Hooters corporate says it's not a stunt, and posted a message to Twitter:

"Our Hooters girls in San Diego have spoken. Not a corporate gig, but we support our girls."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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