Ashton Kutcher shows dramatic side in 'Jobs'


"Jobs" looks at the beginnings of a man who helped shape the computer industry and our current technology-laden culture: entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. The film's star, Kutcher, and its director, Joshua Michael Stern, say don't expect all roses because there are plenty of thorns.

"If people were afraid of us deifying him, I think they'll be surprised," Stern said. "It really shows the real gritty Steve."

Kutcher says Jobs was a flawed person like everyone.

"Some of his greatest flaws were actually his greatest gifts and allowed him to be so discerning and so brutally honest to people, which allowed a product to exceed everyone's expectations," Kutcher said. "I learned to love his flaws and embrace them."

Lesley Ann Warren plays Jobs' mother, Clara.

"Warts and all, I think his emotionality, his fits of rage, his rebellion, his renegade personality and his particular way of dealing with the world and his world in particular is very well-documented in the movie," Warren said.

"Jobs" will be in theaters on Friday.

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