City Controller report reveals DWP workers tops in pay


According to the report, about 58 percent of DWP workers will make more than $100,000 this year because their pay is boosted by overtime and bonuses.

The DWP has about 10,000 workers, and according to the new report, they are some of the highest paid employees in the city. The report was released by new L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin.

"They're pretty high numbers," said Galperin.

The report says:

-- More than 86 percent of DWP workers received extra earnings, overtime and bonuses.

-- In the first six months of this year the extra money added up to $77.3 million.

-- DWP employees on average make 20 percent higher pay than other city workers.

"We wanted to make sure that they're out there, and people can make their own assessment, and see what of it makes sense, what of it people think may or may not be appropriate," said Galperin.

LADWP General Manager Ron Nichols responded: "A high percentage of this is for construction work to meet regulatory mandates with specific completion deadlines and also for replacing aging infrastructure in both our water and power systems."

Last year power rates went up almost 5 percent, and in July rates went up an average of 6 percent.

The Los Angeles City Council will hold a public hearing Friday to discuss a new proposed DWP contract.

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